White Fish Spirits

White Fish SpiritsWhitefish Handcrafted Spirits, based in Kalispell Montana, is on a mission to create some of the best handcrafted spirits in the world. They are half alchemists, half artists. They distill and taste and tweak and do it over and over until they’ve created something of such immutable character they are proud to put their name on it, pour it into a glass and serve it up with style.

Seize the Vine has a fine selection from White Fish Spirits, including Huckleberry, Kinsta Peak Gin, River Rock, Rum with Spice, Montequila Silver, Montequila Rep, Rye Whiskies, Huckleberry Res, Vodka and Cran Moon.

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Cranberry Moon

Straight or mixed, Whitefish Cranberry Moon is somehow bright and refreshing — while still feeling like home. Enjoy it over rocks in a double old fashioned glass or shake it into a beautiful Whitefish Cosmo.

Huckleberry Rum

White Fish Huckleberry Liquor is made from fresh locally-sourced berries, picked at the peak of ripeness and infused into their rum.

Montana Wheat Vodka

Crisp and clean, like freshly melted snow flowing down the Flathead River, White Fish grain-to-glass Montana Wheat Vodka is as cold and smooth as their river rock.

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Laguna Niguel, CA 92677