Introducing Cleveland Wiskey

Introducing Cleveland Wiskey

Seize the Vine is proud to introduce Cleveland Whiskey to our portfolio. Cleveland Whiskey is very interesting because they have developed a disruptive technology in the world of distilled spirits. With this new technology, they can dramatically increase the maturation and flavor development of their products, and allow them to add flavor profiles with transformative woods  like black cherry, apple and hickory.

What does this mean to the industry? Well, traditionally it takes 6 to 12 years to passively age whiskey in a barrel. This creates shortages that the distilleries can’t manage. But with Cleveland’s technology, the maturation times are reduced to less than 24 hours. And their whiskeys are winning awards. The industry isn’t happy. But we are. And you will be too.

Californians like their whiskey. And, as the old Stanford song goes, “Oh, it’s whiskey, whiskey, whiskey that makes me mighty frisky on the farm.” So bring it on, and welcome Cleveland Whiskey. Let the games begin.

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