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Cleveland Whiskey has developed disruptive technology to dramatically accelerate the maturation and flavor development of distilled spirits. 

Traditional whiskey can take 6 to 12 years to passively age in a barrel yet emerging markets are creating shortages that established distilleries simply can’t manage. With disruptive technology, our process uses pressure variations and oxygenation that reduces maturation time to less than 24 hours. Importantly, we’ve also developed different flavor profiles with transformative woods like black cherry, apple and hickory that are winning Gold Medals around the world. The industry isn’t happy.”
Tom Lix, CEO Cleveland Whiskey
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Christmas Bourbon 2019 Cleveland Whiskey

2019 Cleveland Christmas Bourbon®

Different than a traditional bourbon but much more than just flavored whiskey, Christmas Bourbon® blends the taste and subtle aroma of holiday baking spices like nutmeg and cinnamon along with orange peel and sweet cherry before finishing with a touch of licorice and clove.

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Introducing Smokin Bourbon

Cleveland has been able to fuse tradition and technology to create a rich smoked hickory flavor. A vintage smoky taste reminiscent of years and memories past. Finished with sustainable hickory wood that they convection heat and slowly smoke over an indirect fire, they use no sawdust, charcoal, or lighter fluids. This is honest and pure, true Smokin Bourbon.

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Smokin Bourbon Cleveland Whiskey

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